Game Publishing

This section provides an overview of my Game Publishing Industry Experience.


EA, External Development Intelligence Manager

2022, June – Present ^

As the first European External Development Intelligence Manager at EA, I support our worldwide teams, franchises and partners with establishing, building and nurturing external relationships. I’ve wholeheartedly committed to challenging myself, occasionally stumbling, and growing to serve the marvellous IPs I’m humbled to be able to contribute to.

Paradox Interactive, Legacy Portfolio Manager

2021, January – 2022, May ^

The Legacy Portfolio Manager role at Paradox Interactive entailed a wide variety of responsbilities, with freedom to explore continued development, business & sales opportunities for a portfolio of 60+ titles no longer in active development.

Responsibilities included:

  • Worldwide management of 60+ title digital & retail portfolio across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Apple and Android platforms.
  • Portfolio-wide development & maintenance, including business development, sales, licensing, experimental initiatives, and contractual agreements.
  • Regular portfolio-wide P&L forecasting and reporting.
  • Managing worldwide digital & retail Shadowrun Trilogy console development & release.
  • Development and execution of IP acquisition procedure, including due diligence, risk assessment and negotiation.
  • Development of scalable, custom-tailored publishing pipeline proposal for small scope & continued development projects.
  • Investigating, driving and supporting portfolio-wide external development initiatives.
  • Active presenter and participant in internal thought leadership knowledge sharing initiatives on topics such as Leadership, Production and QA.

Portfolio includes IP such as Crusader Kings II, Battletech, Age of Wonders, Pillars of Eternity, Shadowrun, Tyranny, Victoria II, Magicka, and many more.

SOEDESCO Publishing, Lead Producer

2017, January – 2020, October ^

As lead producer at SOEDESCO, I strove to assist business development with the decision making process for our prospective line-up, our rock star publishing and development teams with optimising development & publishing processes, and with removing obstacles for our team and development partners.

Responsibilities included:

  • Leading, managing & supporting our production team of 8 & development team of 6.
  • Establishing the career development pipeline for our production & development team.
  • Researching, analysing & reporting on (future) project planning, budgets & risks.
  • Preparing contracts for (future) projects, and initializing set-up once signed.
  • Researching opportunities for future publishing & development projects.
  • Developing, implementing & iterating a scalable publishing & development framework.
  • Analysing, structuring, optimising & innovating our publishing & development pipelines.
  • Planning, tracking & meeting internal and external project deadlines.
  • Liaison between first & third party development, platform holders & service provider partners.
  • Platform communication with & concept-through-DLC submissions to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve.

& Of course, jumping in for my previous responsibilities if necessary!

Worked on/was part of bringing 50+ products to market worldwide:

  • Truck Driver (PS4, X1, Switch, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks (PS4, X1, Switch, Stadia, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Monstrum (PS4, X1, Switch; Digital & Retail)
  • Dollhouse (PS4, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Xenon Racer (PS4, X1, Switch, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • 8-Bit Armies / Hordes / Invaders! (PS4, X1; Digital & Retail)
  • & Others, such as Real Farm and AereA.
  • Console & PC digital releases for Monster Crown, Fantasy Farming, HammerHelm, Dog Duty, Elea, Wuppo (including China), Defunct, Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince, for several DLCs, and for several titles in Sony Asia.
  • Console & PC retail releases for Remothered, Omen of Sorrow, Air Missions: HIND, Owlboy, Armello, Shiny, BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition, Tricky Towers, The Girl and the Robot, Pharaonic, World to the West, Rogue Stormers, EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic.

SOEDESCO Publishing, Producer

2015, March – 2016, December ^

As the first, and at the time only, producer at young video game publisher SOEDESCO, I strove to develop, structure, and optimise development & publishing processes, and remove obstacles for our team and development partners.

Responsibilities included:

  • Planning, tracking & meeting internal and external project deadlines.
  • Communication with & concept-to-DLC submissions to Sony, Microsoft and Valve.
  • Maintaining third party developer and service provider relations.
  • Developing, analysing, structuring, optimising and innovating our publishing pipeline.
  • Supporting the Managing Director, Executive Manager & interdisciplinary team members with their various responsibilities.
  • Researching opportunities for future publishing services.
  • Setting up, selecting and managing localisation partnerships, as well as managing the localisation process for all relevant titles.
  • Introducing and setting up testing services in the publishing pipeline, as well as managing localisation and compliance testing for all relevant titles.
  • Obtaining age rating certificates (i.e. ESRB, PEGI, USK, COB) for all titles.

Worked on/was part of making the following products a tangible and/or digital worldwide reality:

  • Reus (PS4, Xbox One; Digital & Retail)
  • N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (PS4, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Adam’s Venture: Origins (PS4, Xbox One, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Adam’s Venture: Chronicles (PS3, PC; Digital & Retail)
  • Console & PC digital releases for Wuppo, Rising Islands, Ian’s Eyes, Save the Dodos!, Defunct, ENKI, Tic-Toc-Tower.
  • Console & PC retail releases for Theme Park Studio, Among the Sleep, Toki Tori 2+, Ziggurat, Ether One, Tower of Guns: Special Edition, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut, The Last Tinker: City of Colors.