“Fan” Projects

Some games you just love. Even if some of them aren’t even that good. I stuck with Neopets for twelve years, and it was the game that kindled my interest in virtual economies and the push & pull of an event-driven market. Having learned how to haggle, how to save (and collect interest), how to deal with trolls and flamers, Neopets has a special place in my heart. It will come as no surprise that I was therefore very active on multiple fan sites, particularly in keeping their item databases up to date and sending TheNeopetsTeam feedback on item errors, glitches, typos, et cetera.

Below are a few projects I was involved in, ranging from newest to oldest.


Minecraft SCRUM Workshop

2013 ^

Admittedly, I am no SCRUM expert. That said, we got a SCRUMMinecraft SCRUM Workshop workshop with legos from a consultancy company and, finding myself inspired, I developed a SCRUM workshop (with some essential help from Eva!) in Minecraft for our Indievelopment team building event. The task was to create the Indievelopment Festival Terrain for 2014 and prioritise from a list of features, ranging from the base needs for a conference to some more extravagant luxuries.

The workshop takes ~6-8 hours and can be adjusted to fit whatever project you’d like your team to design. Mostly suitable as a first introduction to SCRUM and a team building event.

The SCRUM Notes are available, and of course we took lots of pictures (..well, screenshots): [x] [x] [x]

Minecraft is, of course, © Mojang AB 2010-2014.

Neopets – (SunnyNeo) Missing Item Archive

2011-2012 ^

My interest in Neopets waning, I cut back on my effort and decided to only keep track of missing, glitched, typo’d or unactivated items for a while. The list was migrated to SunnyNeo in early 2012, a Neopets fansite, although since late 2012 I have no longer been able to keep up with it, and Neopets faded from my priorities. I still cherish the game, though!

Some screenshots of the result can be found here: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

The Neopets images in the above screenshots are © Neopets, Inc. 1999-2014. The SunnyNeo layout is © the SunnyNeo.com Team 2006-2014.

Neopets – s2bookworld Item Database

2011-2012 ^

In the attempt to find a replacement for NeoItems, I volunteered at another collector-focused fansite, particularly providing a lot of missing information that I had experience with obtaining. I honestly wish I’d found the community & people I met there sooner, and they made my last passionate Neopets-playing days a real pleasure.

Neopets Treasure Keepers – Beta Tester

2011 ^

Neopets created a Facebook ‘board game’ and I was one of their beta testers. I nitpicked a bunch of bugs and together with thousands of others, tested the gameplay.

Neopets – NeoItems Item Database

2002-2010 ^

NeoItems, my Neopets fansite home for most of my adolescent years. The core of the fansite was an item database, the first and most complete of its kind, until its demise in 2006. After 2006, I kept the database up to date for four years, occasionally still helped by a few of the older volunteers. I grew up hanging around this place, and I cherish the memories dearly.

The work involved grabbing item information as items were released and activated on Neopets, and occasionally pushing a list of errors & glitches in the direction of TheNeopetsTeam in the hopes of them fixing some of them. I loved poking around in the database, grouping large amounts of data and weeding out mistakes, optimising the user experience and usability and coming up with new ways to service players. Guess this is where it all started!

Sadly, the site was taken down in 2010, and I have no screenshots of way back when, but it involved a lot of spreadsheeting & figuring out magic tricks in Excel.