Who am I & what can I offer you?

Hi! I’m Juney. As the first European External Development Intelligence Manager at EA, I support our worldwide teams, franchises and partners with establishing, building and nurturing external relationships. In my spare time, I founded and run the Game Production Community Discord, a 3.500+ strong community of game industry professionals in leadership, production, project management, product management and affiliated roles.

Prior to joining EA, I was the Legacy Portfolio Manager at Paradox Interactive. I started my career spending a little over 5 years as Lead Producer at SOEDESCO Publishing, having joined shortly after graduating from University (BSc. in Computer Science, MSc. in Game & Media Technology) in December 2014.

I’m always eager to learn about interesting and challenging opportunities and projects. As a lifelong learner with a growth mindset, I find myself particiularly passionate about leadership, production & project management, business development, sales & monetization, game & player analytics, player research, event and community building & management, and innovative new technologies!

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn. Please include an introduction message ♡