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When asked to describe myself, I would say I’m a hardworking organisational talent and lifelong learner with a growth mindset. I’ve specialised in production, business development & management, and am passionate about game & player analytics, player research, sales & monetisation, event and community building & management and innovative new technologies.

As the first European External Development Intelligence Manager at EA, I support our worldwide teams, franchises and partners with establishing, building and nurturing external relationships. I’ve wholeheartedly committed to challenging myself, occasionally stumbling, and growing to serve the marvellous IPs I’m humbled to be able to contribute to.

Before joining EA, I spent some time at Paradox Interactive as Legacy Portfolio Manager, a role that entailed a wide variety of responsbilities with freedom to explore continued development, business & sales opportunities for a portfolio of 60+ titles no longer in active development. My long standing appreciation for Paradox turned into deep respect and admiration, and I loved working with and learning from the brilliant minds surrounding me.

Prior to that, I spent a little over 5 years as Lead Producer for SOEDESCO Publishing, a video game publisher in the Netherlands. My job consisted of ensuring a portfolio of 50+ releases across console and pc platforms met its targets on time and on budget, by directing and supporting our internal team of 30 & a variety of external partners. Additionally, I worked on optimizing our publishing process structure and team for stability and growth, and was able to play a key role in investigating & signing new projects, services, territories and platforms. Through this, I had the chance to give shape to the vision, goals and planning for SOEDESCO’s future.

Observing others to find out what drives their interest in games, their work or otherwise, analysing data and trying to optimise others’ experience is second nature to me. I aspire to channel my efforts in this direction, either academically or with a company.

In December 2014 I graduated from University, having obtained a BSc. degree in Computer Science and a MSc. degree in Game & Media Technology. Throughout my time there I organised (on my own or in a team) a variety of events including, but not limited to lectures, game development symposia, and casual networking events for students and companies.

Otherwise, my work experience involves being a Teaching Assistant for a Designing Interactive Systems class for three years, and for a Usability Engineering and User Experience class for one year. I’ve volunteered as a Dutch & English proofreader for a novel, several manga and an anime/manga magazine. I’ve also volunteered at charity events since I was 8 and continue to do so when I can.

My knowledge mostly consists of classes taken at university (Computer Science BSc., 2012; Game & Media Technology MSc., 2014) and self-taught skills gained through the years through hobby projects. In 2019 I hosted my first ever conference session at Game Quality Forum, in an attempt to give back to the community by sharing some of the challenges I’ve faced in my first five years in the game industry. For a full overview, please check out my LinkedIn & resume found at the top of this page.

Aside from that, I love to read and write (x, x) and I spend my free time brushing up on/adding skills to my toolbox (e.g. statistics, data analysis techniques, playtesting/usability testing, scripting) or studying topics that catch my fancy.